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Welcome to SchoolPlus in Manhattan, NY

The new SHSAT 2019 Test Prep class started on October 27th. If you do plan for your 7th grader to take an exam in October 2019, you have to register now.  The class will focus exclusively on preparing students to succeed on the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) which determines entry/ placement into the NYC Board of Education "Specialized High Schools" (Examples: Stuyvesant HS, Bronx Science HS, Brooklyn Tech HS, LaGuardia HS, and many more).

These High Schools are some of the best education you can find in NYC, and they are free! As a result, admission is extremely competitive.  The majority of students taking the exam will have taken some form of SHSAT prep beforehand; this is a fact! Don't' let your child be at a disadvantage!

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While your kids are taking classes, you might want to take good care of yourself by doing Yoga.  We offer 2 classes from 9:00 to 10:00 and from 10:05 to 11:05 with experienced Yoga Master Ms. Luba Tverskly

Attention Parents of  5th and 7th to be in September Students,

We will offer Hunter Test Prep class for 5th graders and SHSAT Test Prep. 

Hunter course is for fourth-grade students who want to get a head start on building the foundations necessary to succeed on the Hunter Entrance Exam in January 2020.  Please read more about Hunter Prep in the Schedule. 

SHSAT class is for seventh-grade students who are planning to take the exam in October 2019.  

We offer Singapore Math both Standard and US Editions, Math for 7-9 graders, Pre-Calculus, Science, SHSAT Test Prep, Programming, ELA, Architecture4Kids, Russian, Russian Drama, World Geography and History, Chess, and Yoga for Parents.

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Fall 18 Calendar

1. 09/08       First day of School

2. 09/15

3. 09/22

4. 09/29

10/06     No Classes Columbus Day on 10/08

5. 10/13

6. 10/20

7. 10/27

8. 11/03

9. 11/10


11/24      No classes Thanksgiving on 21-23



13.12/15      Last day of School