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   Algorithmica k/1          11:30-12:15    n/a    

An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure or directions for doing something. Most often, an algorithm is created for a computer or a robot, but a cake recipe is an algorithm, too!
In this class, the learning is based on real-life activities (e.g. animation with zoetropes, games on coordinate plane, quest stories, tasks from CS Unplugged). We combine these activities with math /logic problems and with programming exercises (Rover/Bigtrak in class, computer games as homework).

Children learn about computers and robots, but most importantly, they develop their thinking and creativity. While solving logical problems, playing memory games or acting out the algorithms, the students gain important cognitive skills and construct mathematical and programming concepts.

Students do not need to bring laptops to this class (although some homework tasks may require use of computer). Parents are strongly encouraged to stay in class, observe and (if need be) help the students, for example: transitioning between activities, understanding the tasks, handling manipulatives and robots.

Bigtrak is a programmable electric vehicle that can remember up to 16 commands and execute them in sequence. The commants are entered through the keypad on top of the vehicle. Read more at:

ReCon 6.0 is a programmable rover with accessories. It can remember nine algorithms (trips) with up to fifty commands. See the review at and read more:

CS Unplugged is a collection of free learning activities that teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. Read more at 

   Algorithmica Robotic 1      5    10:05-11:35    n/a     
   Math 4a          10:20-11:35    Mary Marvin       
   Math 4B          10:35-11:35    Mikhail Chernobilsky       
   Math 5      4    11:40 -12:55    Mary Marvin      Math 4A will cover all material of a 4th grade class in a child’s regular school, including things he must know for the PARCC Test at the end of 4th Grade.

However, the focus is on problem solving with topics studied throughout the school year, all done at a deep level. Many multi-step problems will be done in class and assigned for homework.

Included are long multiplication and division with 2 and 3-digit numbers, continuation of fractions, with addition and subtraction with different denominators, and many word problems, introduction to decimals and how they relate to fractions, and further development of geometry, area and perimeter, volume.

Along with the rigorous arithmetic program, challenging and exciting Olympiad and contest type problems will be included each week as part of the lesson. 
   Russian 4      2    1:15-2:30    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 5/6A      4/5    10:05-11:35    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 5/6B      4/5    11:40--1:10    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian BL4      3        n/a