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SchoolPlus Virtual Classes are Coming this Summer 2019!

Summer classes are a chance to review and solidify what students did during the year, so children are ready for the fall. Summer classes are a chance to enjoy learning without the school load pressure and learn subjects and topics outside the usual school curriculum.
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Our camp last minute registration is welcome!

Unique SchoolPlus Russian speaking camp in North Brunswick has several spots open! Improve your Russian, study math, robotics, chess, drama, art, take day trips, do sport and more.
Age 5-13 (Counselors ages 13+ welcome to apply)
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Camp Daddy Allen Family Retreat

Come and enjoy the great outdoors with us!
When: July 2 - July 6, 2019
Where: Camp Daddy Allen, Hickory Run State Park, White Haven, PA
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Early Math classes come to SchoolPlus North Brunswick location!. The class starts on March 17th at 10:30-11:15

Early Math classes for Pre-K/K students are teaching our youngest students math concepts as well as logical thinking
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Summer Camp 2019, North Brunswick

Our camp designed to promote the Russian Language
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Classes will be held on: 01/06, 01/13, 01/20, 01/27, 02/03, 02/10, 02/17, 02/24, 03/03, 03/10, 03/17, 03/24, 03/31, 04/07, 04/14, 04/28, 05/05, 05/12, 05/19, 06/02, 06/09, 06/16,

Our classes in North Brunswick, NJ

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  class   grade   time   teacher   description
   Art H          1:15-2:00    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Math 6      6    10:05-11:35    Mary Marvin      Math 6 will cover all material of a 6th grade class in a child’s regular school, including things he must know for the PARCC Test at the end of 6th Grade.

However, the focus is on problem solving with topics studied throughout the school year, all done at a deep level. Many multi-step problems will be done in class and assigned for homework.

Students will move into topics of Pre-Algebra, including negative numbers, and the concept of a variable and simple equations and how they are useful. The topics of arithmetic – fractions, decimals, rate, ratio, percentages, will now be deepened with hard word problems on each. Geometry will continue, with more complex area, perimeter and volume problems, and now quadrilaterals and angles in polygons.

Along with the rigorous arithmetic program, there will be a heavy component of challenging and exciting Olympiad and contest type problems on topics like probability, sets, counting principles and combinatorics. 
   Math 8A VC      7        Mary Marvin      Students will continue learning how to deal with fractions, including finding common denominators for more than two fractions, multiplication of mixed numbers and more difficult fraction word problems. Decimals, to the ten-thousandths place and their equivalent fractions will be covered. Other topics will include finding the average of a group of numbers, ratio, percent, graphs and geometry such as area of a triangle and other geometric shapes besides squares and rectangles. Along with these topics some special and interesting topics like sets and probability will be introduced, we’ll look at Pascal’s triangle also. Logic problems and puzzles will be part of each lesson, as well as practice for the Common Core tests next spring so kids will be thoroughly prepared and ready. 
   Math Algebra 1      7    9:20-10:50    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Math Geometry      8    10:55-12:25    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Russian 8      8    9:15-10:45    Ellina Chernobilsky       
   Second_Language_Russian Biling 1          8:35:9:20    Liliya Brammer