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   Afterschool_Chess Test HS          11:15-12:45    n/a     
   Math 6      6    4:30-5:45    Mikhail Chernobilsky      This is a class for students who have deep understanding of our number system, and can work comfortably with whole numbers as well as thoroughly mastered the basics of fractions and decimals.
The class will start the year with the intensive review of percentage and the connection of percent-fraction-decimals, ratio, and rate. We will continue with the four operations on fractions and mixed numbers. Students will be solving more challenging word problems involving fractions and percentage, ratio and rate. They will learn circumference and area of a circle as well as triangle and quadrilateral geometry, more complex area, perimeter and volume problems.
Furthermore, we will be solving many non-routine word problems and puzzles from different areas of mathematics. Finally, starting from November to March, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Math Olympiad, well known internationally as MOEMS. 
   Math Algebra by      7/8    7:10 - 8:25    Mikhail Chernobilsky      The class will start with the intensive review of Pre-Algebra topics including algebraic manipulations, equations and inequalities, solving word problems involving percentage, ratios and rate using algebra as well as area and volume.
We will continue with Algebra1, moving into more difficult topics. We will study quadratic equations and their graphs extensively, including transformations of quadratics (shifting, etc.) Many word problems, showing the usefulness of a quadratic equation will be looked at. Fractional expressions and equations as well as the laws of exponents, radicals, system of equations and functions will be studied in this class. Geometry will extend to covering special angles formed by parallel lines and transversals and properties of polygons.
In addition, we’ll be solving MOEMS problems and some challenging problems from other math contests like CML and MathKangaroo.