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MOEMS American Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

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New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy

Русский язык является частью программы NJ Seal of Biliteracy.
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SchoolPlus students took the AP Russian exam in spring 2019.
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Classes will be held on: 01/05, 01/12, 01/19, 01/26, 02/02, 02/09, 02/16, 02/23, 03/02, 03/09, 03/16, 03/23, 03/30, 04/06, 04/13, 05/04, 05/11, 05/18, 06/01, 06/08, 06/15,

Our classes in Wayne, NJ

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   Math math - 4      4 grade    TBD    Dr. Grigory Portnov       
   Math Math 5      5    9:00 - 10:00    Dr. Grigory Portnov      In this class we provide student to understand main concepts of using math in real life. We continue using Singapore Primary Mathematics Package for 4 and 5 grades. Topics that are additionally presented for this age level, such as : Set, Logic and Reasoning, and Probability, Express Methods of Computing, Different Numerical System, etc.

Topics included for 4th grade in Fall semester:
Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Tables and Graphs
Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Area and Perimeter
Topics included for 4th grade in Spring semester:
The Four Operations with Decimals

In this class we provide student to understand main concepts of using math in real life. The main topics for
5th grade :
Wholes numbers with 3 or 4 digits. Order of Operations
Common Fractions. Comparing Fractions
Decimals, it properties, and operations. Conversion of Measurements.
Percentage and all types of percentage problems
Average and Rates Problems
Graphs. Reading, drawing and understanding
Triangles and 4-sided Figures
Introduction into 2D and 3D space. Measurement of area, volume

A variety of Word Problem

Still we use Fun and Games formats and computers