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MOEMS American Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

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New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy

NJ Seal of Biliteracy.
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SchoolPlus students took the AP Russian exam in spring 2019.
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SchoolPlus Art classes in

  class   grade   time   teacher   description
   Art 1      k-2    10:30-11:30    Dr. Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 1A          9:25-10:25    Dr. Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 2      k    11:45-12:45    Dr. Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art B      B    10:35-11:35    Dr. Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art D      D    12:45-2:00    Dr. Larisa Tsvetkova      This program will incorporate History of Art. Little artists will travel in time and get know many famous artists: Kuindzhi, Vasnetcov, Ayvazovskiy, Shishkin, Davinci, Picasso and many others. 
   Art 1      -1    9:50 - 10:35    Alina Obeeva      Fall 19

The main premise of this class rests upon the idea that drawing is a technical skill and as such can be acquired and perfected by anyone at any age and regardless of perceived abilities.

This semester we will learn the drawing alphabet and will get really good at recognizing that the Five Elements of Drawing (a dot, a circle, a line, a curve, and an angle) are all around us. We will learn how to plan our work, how to concentrate, and how to take our time with our work. We will also talk about perfection and how as far as art is concerned there is no such thing as mistakes. There are, however, steps that can be taken to alter or add to those parts of our drawings that do not make us happy. This will help us talk about the way our creative process makes us feel and how to get the most out of those feelings.

We will draw from graphics and still life. We will use pencils, markers, oil pastels and crayon pastels as mediums to see how each differs from the rest and how certain mediums are more desirable for expressing our creative impulses. There will be an occasional homework assignment which will be emailed ahead of time. Enjoy the class! 
   Art 2      2-4    10:40 - 11:25    Alina Obeeva      Fall 19

If your child likes to draw, and you would like to develop his/her creative potential, come to this Art studio. Classes in drawing contribute to the development of excellent motor skills, imagination, perseverance, accuracy, ability to bring work to an end.

We will learn:

1. Figure and Painting: pencil, pastel, colored pencils, charcoal, markers, gouache, watercolor
composition, color
light and shadow, perspective
plot works, sketches
still life
drawing plants, animals, people
2. Tie from the chenille wire
3. Molding from polymer clay, plasticine, and salted dough
4. Quilling, application, and collage 
   Art 3      1-2    12:20 -- 1:05    Alina Obeeva      Fall 19