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Ages 4-7 

 Introduction to art materials, stimulating imagination, developing coordination and fine motor skills in a playful environment.  Project – based exploration of various media and techniques providing a foundation for artistic knowledge. A step-by-step guided process awakens inspiration and encourages children to discover the joy of self-expression, while training their eyes and hands to work together while making a work of art. 

Ages 8-10 

Along with the shift from individualized perception towards a more objective point of view children at this age are becoming interested in making “realistic” images. This class will focus on building basic skills and visual vocabulary while striving to maintain a strong personal and emotional connection with the artwork. 

Ages 11-17

In this class we will study drawing and panting with an emphasis on working from observation. Drawing - developing skills in the areas of technique, perception, composition, form and expression. Painting (oils, acrylics, watercolor, tempera, collage) – color mixing, mediums, color and light, wet on wet, glazing and impasto. Exploration of art process in the context of aesthetics, philosophy and art history with a focus in developing personal vision and style. Special attention given to fulfilling portfolio requirements for specific colleges and art schools.


Using traditional and modern techniques this class focuses on developing a familiarity and ease with representational subject matter. Always wanted to paint but don’t have the courage to begin? – Instructor will work closely with every student to help form an approach based on his or hers individual interests, abilities and needs.