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SchoolPlus Virtual Classes for late Elementary and Middle School

SchoolPlus is offering this fall virtual classes for late Elementary and Middle School in Math English, Russian and preparation for Math Kangaroo Olympiad
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New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy

New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy
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Fall 2019 Tuition/Fees at the SchoolPlus of Manhattan:

  * 45 min class  $27.00

   * 60 min class  $36.00

   * 75 min class   $45.00

   * 90 min class  $54.00

   * 60 min SHSAT and SAT $65.00

   * 90 min Hunter Prep $70.00

   * 45 min ELA, Early Logic, Geo/History, and Chorus $28.00

   * 90 min Math 10 $60.00


 * Free trial class on any subject  for all new students!

 * A family discount, 10% off for each sibling

 * 5% Early Bird discount if you are paying BEFORE the designated due day

Books and Supplies

  * Mathematics -- each child will need to buy textbooks which the SchoolPlus provides

  * Art supplies are paid in the amount of $10.00 for Early logic, Arts and Architecture4Kids in cash

Absence Policy

  Each student is allowed 1 excused absence for the Fall 2018 semester


The tuition for Fall 2018 is payable on the first day of classes, September 8.
$20.00 late fee will be assessed if you are paying two weeks or more after installment.

We accept cash, checks and Pay Pal payments. Below is the Pay Pal button which you can use instantly. When paying by checks please make them payable to the SCHOOLPLUS in MANHATTAN with your child/children name/names on it.

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  * If there are financial specific circumstances, please speak with us privately.

Class Cancelation

In the event of inclement weather, information about school closing will be posted on our site in the "announcement" box.  An e-mail will be sent to all parents and a voice message will be recorded on the phone number for the branch which is 978.884.6646