Important announcements


The full payment for the semester is due by the first class. Payment for trial classes is due on the day of the trial class.  

General Price                           1 class (60 min) = $26

Sibling Discount                        10% off: 1 class = $23.4

Trial Class (no sibling discount)  1st trial class in any subject = $15

Multiple Subjects Discount *       50% off 3rd and 4th subject = $13

* Applies to students taking at least 3 different classes, e.g. Russian, Math, Chess. Cannot be combined with the sibling discount.

Registration Fee

There is a one-time registration/materials fee of $25 per child per semester.

Books and Supplies

The average estimated expense is $35-50 per semester.

Absence Policy

Money for missed classes cannot be returned.

Class Cancellation

In the event of inclement weather, an e-mail will be sent to all parents.