Important announcements

Fall 2019 Tuition/Fees in Wayne*:

Fall 2019 Saturday Program Schedule: 

14 Saturdays, 09/07/2019 – 12/21/2019. No classes on: Dec 14, Nov 30. 
• 45 minute class - $22 
• 60 minute class - $26 
• *These rates are not applicable to private and semi-private classes. For rates for private and semi-private classes, please contact us separately. 

Current Promotions and Discounts*:

• Free trial class in any subject for all new students! 
• We offer a family discount, 10% off for each additional sibling. 
• We need your help in sharing news about our program! As a thank you from us, every time you refer someone to our program and they sign up for classes, you will receive a FREE class of your choice (excludes private and semi-private classes/tutoring). 
*Discounts cannot be combined 

Catching Up and Private Tutoring

In case a student needs help catching up when starting a new class at SchoolPlus mid-semester, SchoolPlus can arrange one on one tutoring at the fee of $60 per hour. On average, in order for the pupil to catch up and feel comfortable in the class, one hour is needed for every 2-3 classes missed from the start of the school year. 
Private and semi-private classes can also be arranged on the ongoing basis at the parents request, based on the teacher and space availability. Please contact us for rates. 

Refund Policy

• No refunds will be issued for the classes the child has already attended. 
• If you withdraw your child within the first 2 weeks from registration, we will refund 100% of your remaining tuition minus $50 processing fee; no refund will be issued after the first week of classes of the semester. 
• In case of a move out of the area mid semester, SchoolPlus requires a two week notice after which we will issue a full refund for the remaining classes minus $50 processing fee. 

Books and Supplies:


Each child will need to buy textbooks which SchoolPlus provides. The estimate cost is $30 per set of 3 books (Textbook, Workbooks, Challenging Word Problems) 

Tuition Policy:

Absence Policy

There will be no "excused classes"; the payments for missed classes will not be returned. Special cases (relocation, long-lasting illness, etc.) will be discussed individually. If you have missed the class, the teacher will provide the classroom work and homework assignments. The teacher will also be available to discuss the material with you and your child. 

Payment Schedule*

You can split the payment in two installments:
• First installment is due September 7th, 2019 
• Second installment is due October 26th, 2019. 
• A late fee of $20 will be added if you are unable to make the payment on time. 
* If you are unable to make a payment, please speak with the director of the branch to see if a private arrangement can be made. 

Forms of Payment

We accept cash or checks. We apologize but we are currently cannot accept credit cards. 

Class Cancelation

In the event of inclement weather, information about school closing will be posted on our site in the "announcement" box. An Email will be sent to all parents, and a voice message will be recorded on the phone number for our branch which is 973-406-2520.