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All Staten Island SchoolPlus branches closed their onsite classes. We are moving from onsite to online live virtual classes.

All Staten Island SchoolPlus branches closed their onsite classes. We are moving from onsite to online live virtual classes.
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We are very excited to announce the recipients of the SchoolPlus Merit Scholarship for Mathematics.

There are two recipients this year, and they are children from the same family.

We proudly congratulate Dennis and Elly Tsarkov(a) for their consistent level of excellence in their SchoolPlus Math classes and their performance on the MOEMS (All American Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle SchoolPls) and SchoolPlus Olympiads. We’d like to tell you a bit about each of these children, and what they’ve achieved.

Elly Tsarkova came to SchoolPlus when she was only four years old. From the beginning, this very quiet, but humorous young girl learned mathematics like a whip, soon moving way ahead of her years. She did mathematics almost faster than we could keep up with her, and she kept her teacher on the run, for sure, making sure that Elly was sufficiently engaged and challenged. Regularly, on the MOEMS Olympiads, Elly would finish, turn her paper in, and then ask if she could attempt the next level, and her results were always amazing – finishing with a silver or gold medal every year. She was a top scorer in our 1st SchoolPlus Mathematics Olympiad last year. Through the years, Elly has deepened her mathematical knowledge, and reinforced her talent, by her serious classroom and homework, where her teacher saw this young girl always curious, always excited and always wanting to learn. When one time Elly’s mathematics class didn’t fit her schedule, Elly showed us in no uncertain terms that we had to do something about this! So it is with such pleasure and pride that we give this award to Elly Tsarkova.

Dennis Tsarkov is the youngest of the children in the family. Like his sister, he is a top scorer in the MOEMS and SchoolPlus Mathematics Olympiad, even though he is only in 3rd grade!! In our first ever school-wide math Olympiad, with a different contest for every grade, Dennis just could not seem to stop. Finishing the 3rd grade level, he immediately asked for the 4th grade level and finishing that, for the 5th grade level. He performed perfectly on all three! It was only when Dennis finished the 6th grade Olympiad that he thought he might take a break. Dennis shines in his mathematics and loves it completely. This is a boy who spends his break with his math teacher, creating challenging problems for her to solve, and in turn asking her to bring “extra things for me – things that are really exciting.”

Elly and Dennis exemplify the highest standards of scholarship and love of learning. They have always been very serious students in the classroom, following their teacher’s lessons attentively. They have regularly brought all their questions to class to be sure they understood everything. Throughout the years, they have studied hard and have always done their mathematics homework assignments thoroughly and carefully. They have prepared for every exam, and their results always have showed that fact.

We wish for Dennis and Elly to continue throughout all of their school days like this. We wish them many years of learning and many more scholastic awards!

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