Important announcements

Dear parents: many of you are looking for a summer learning experience for your child. We offer excellent opportunities. Please join yourself and help us to be heard- share this info with other parents! Thank you

SchoolPlus Virtual Classes are Coming this Summer 2019!

Summer classes are a chance to review and solidify what students did during the year, so children are ready for the fall. Summer classes are a chance to enjoy learning without the school load pressure and learn subjects and topics outside the usual school curriculum.

“Virtual Classes” is a new term in the technology of children education. There’s no need to drive anywhere, you can stay in the comfort of your home and join classmates in a virtual classroom! In the virtual classroom, students can do the same things they would in a regular classroom – see, hear and communicate with their teacher and classmates, including presenting their work on the whiteboard on the computer screen.

SchoolPlus Virtual classroom offers Math classes in:
• Grade levels 1-4
• Advanced Math classes by Zoya Koza
• Review and preview math series for grades 3-6 by Mary Marvin
• Advanced Math classes introducing AP tests for HS (Intro to Calc, Intensive Algebra I, Intensive SAT preparation) by Dr. Orlov

SchoolPlus Virtual classroom offers English classes in:
• Writing Skills for Middle School students
• Essay writing
• SAT preparation for HS students by Lawrence Lane

SchoolPlus Virtual classroom offers Science classes in:
• Introduction to AP Biology
• Introduction to AP Chemistry, taught by Dr. Litvine

SchoolPlus Virtual classroom also offers classes such as:
• Latin lessons with Dr. Meerson
• Debate class with Lawrence Lane

To see the summer schedule and info about our teachers, please go to:
Call: 732-246-4150