Important announcements

Antonina Lifshits
Teaneck, NJ; MetMuseum, 5-7
Manhattan, NY; Geography/History, 2-4, 5-7; Russian, k; Russian_Drama, 1-4
Art history - Museum tours, NY; Introduction_to_Art, 2-4, k/1st gr; MetMuseum, 3 - 7, 3-7, 3-8, K-2
; Early_Logic, preK; Geography/History, k-1; OLSAT_(G&T), K, preK; Russian, 3-6, K-1; Russian_as_Second_Language, 3 and up

For the most part of my life I've been studying Art History: first at the Moscow University, then at Jerusalem University and finally at Columbia University in the City of New York. I also had some studio art instruction and love drawing, painting and making ceramics.

For a while I have been giving classes for my own kids and their friends but then, several years ago, I started giving tours for children at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and at the Same time has began teaching Art and Russian Drama classes at the then-new branch of the SchoolPlus on Manhattan.

I soon realized that teaching children and learning with them and from them is one of the things I enjoy immensely. Gradually, as my teaching experience has become more extensive, I have moved from the Art-related disciplines to Russian Language and Early Childhood Development classes, and this year I'll be teaching a variety of classes not only in Manhattan but also in the SchoolPlus in Bronx (Riverdale).

I want children in my classes to love the process of learning and appreciate knowledge, and throughout my lessons I try to keep them interested and engaged. I am always on the go for new materials and new ways to make my lessons meaningful and enjoyable.