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HoLing Lo
Brooklyn, NY: Bensonhurst; Math, 4

HoLing Lo was born in Hong Kong, China and immigrated to the United States at a very young age. She majored in psychology and minored in Asian American Studies at Binghamton University for three years. However, after long summers of working with youths at private institutions, she learned to love teaching and joined the New York City Teaching Fellows after graduation. From there she taught mathematics at a K-8 school in Brooklyn and earned her Masters in Math Education from Brooklyn College. She continued to pursue her love for education and taught high school students mathematics on Staten Island while earning her Masters in School Psychology from Brooklyn College. At the same time HoLing worked at several different enrichment programs throughout the city, challenging students in mathematics while helping them succeed on the state and city exams. HoLing hopes to offer the best education to her students by providing them guidance and assistance while challenging them and fostering their love for mathematics.