Important announcements

Lila Antenucci
Marlboro, NJ; Math, 1/2, 7/8

I hold Bachelor and Master Degree in Mathematics from Drogobych State Pedagogical University, Ukraine. I have passed all official NJ State Teacher Certification Examinations required for the NJ State teaching license.

I taught Algebra1 and problem solving in public school and for the past two years I taught mathematics in private school where core content standards were based on Singapore Math strategies and methods.

At SchoolPlus I teach K-8 grade and I absolutely love it. I enjoy and appreciate the individuality of each and every child. They never cease to amaze me. I love the way they think, act, the way they express themselves, sort of 'I blended in my brain'.

During my classes, I try to incorporate different actions of doing mathematics by exploring, discussing, investigating and predicting. I present new ideas in a simple, direct way that helps children make sense out of mathematics. My goal is to make children want to learn, to cultivate their curiosity and bring them to a point where they ask questions and look for answers. I am relentlessly thinking how I can make my lessons more interesting so the children experience different things and enjoy the process of learning. I believe, the way I teach them now will determine, to a great extent, children's future attitude towards mathematics. I want them to love and appreciate mathematics as much as I do.