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Maria Kalashnikova
Wayne, NJ; Math, 5

It is not a secret that results of learning tremendously depend on interest and motivation of both students and a teacher. In my students I always see geniuses and use all my skills, knowledge and talents to help them discover “super powers” in them.

I graduated in 2009 from Samara State University, Russia majoring in English and Literature. For 5 years of teaching I managed to build a relatively big and diverse experience. The starting point of my journey as a teacher was experience and knowledge of the best masters and mentors.

While in Russia, for 3 years I was working as an ESL teacher at school and was a private tutor for kids of various ages. My first experience in Russia as a math teacher in elementary school was both interesting and rewarding. Mathematics is not only numbers, but a set of activities, skills, talents, imagination and creativity that helps to understand numbers better and teaches how to work with them. It is always a pleasure to see my students learn new things, discover new ways of looking at problems, develop new skills, see challenges and be able not to be scared of them, but to overcome them and look forward.

In the United States I found myself teaching ESL and Math to college students as well as pupils and kids. Additionally, I helped them with assignments of all kinds like writing speeches, advanced writing, compositions, research papers, etc.

Being a mother of a toddler myself, I am constantly looking for new ways to engage younger kids into learning of elementary school Mathematics trying to replace notorious repetitive exercises with a strategy of building independent simple blocks into one composition by engaging abstract thinking and child's natural curiosity and imagination.

With all those years of learning and practicing I have formed my own teaching style and methods. One of the major components of my classes is so called “learning in movement” and non-verbal communication. Every lesson is a new story which has to be demonstrative, systematic, although playful and full of games and activities, and be aimed at each student’s individual qualities, skills and talents.