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Mary Marvin
North Brunswick, NJ; Math, , 10, 4, 5, 6, 7

I have taught Mathematics at SchoolPlus for 17 years, to students of all ages and levels – from the earliest years of grade school, through advanced classes like AP Calculus. During this time, I have also been teaching in the Rutgers University Mathematics Department.

I am firmly convinced that real learning comes when students study topics with rigor, spending as much time as they need to achieve real understanding of the topic.

I believe that arithmetic is the cornerstone of elementary school mathematics and I want my students to come to see its variety and depth.

The importance of first impressions, including first-impressions of mathematics, can't be over estimated. If a young student is introduced right from the start, to the varied and beautiful landscape of mathematics, he's much more likely to carry this impression with him throughout his study of mathematics. How much more exciting – and beneficial! – for a student than just being faced with endless worksheets of repetitive drill.

During my years at SchoolPlus I've developed many new math programs for children of all ages, and spanning all topics of mathematics – from basic arithmetic and geometry, to set theory and probability. Yes, young children can do these things!! They must be presented in a language and style and pace suitable for young kids.

Over the course of my teaching career I had the great privilege of working with Dr. H. Whitley, a Mathematician at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. I worked directly with Dr. Whitley, for over 14 years, collecting and writing many problems involving all areas of mathematics, for use in classrooms from 1st grade through high school level.

Note from the Director:

Mary's first SchoolPlus students have now graduated college, and it's no surprise that so many of them chose Mathematics or a Math related major!!

The questions Mary asks of her students, like explain why we just add a zero to a number when we multiply by 10, teach children not just procedures, but how to think about mathematics!!