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Start the school year with a group tenting event in Frances Slocum State park!

We're going to the new place! Let's explore Frances Slocum State park together!
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Mary Marvin
North Brunswick, NJ; Math, , 3, 4, 5, 7, 9

I have an undergraduate degree in physics from Rutgers. I studied intensively for over 8 years with famous Indian mathematician and number theorist, Dr. S. Chawla. Number theory is the study of properties of the integers and includes such famous topics as Fermat's last theorem, and Goldbach's conjecture which states that every even integer can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers in at least one way.

Over a 12 year period I worked with Dr. H. Whitley, a mathematician at the Institute for Advanced Study for over 30 years. Dr. Whitney was a leader in reforming the mathematics curricula in countries such as Japan, Israel, Singapore, and in Europe, working to bring a rigorous and integrated math program, that covered all the important areas of mathematics, to those countries. I worked directly with Dr. Whitley, collecting and writing many problems involving all areas of mathematics, for use in classrooms from 1st grade through high school level. I was able to present many of these topics directly in the classroom to get direct feed-back of how kids responded to them.

I have given math classes over many years to the children of I.A.S. members. My classes were for children of all different ages, from about 1st - 2nd grade, through the high school level. The classes were formed, so that kids could be exposed to a wider and deeper level of mathematics than given in the schools. I have tutored mathematics for over 25 years at all levels through college mathematics curricula and have helped many students in SAT preparation courses.