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Zoya Koza

I earned a BA in economics from the State University of Moldova. Upon arrival in the US I changed my career to education. I worked as a substitute teacher during the day and went to Brooklyn College in the evenings where I received my Masters of Science in Education.

As a math teacher I was very active in the implementation of the new math standards in NYC public schools for 20 years. I attended various math workshops offered by the DOE of NYC all affiliated with various New York City colleges. As a retired, 20 years veteran of NYC DOE I am very proud of these accomplishments.

I joined School-Plus 5 years ago and started teaching K-4 children. It is a very challenging task and enormous responsibility to teach mathematics to such young minds. "Challenging" because at this young age their brains are still in "concrete thinking stage of development" and "responsibility" because we are laying down the foundation of mathematics.

I have adapted the Singapore math system, Math circles Library as well as various other authors and sources for Olympiad level math and implemented them into my own original programs.