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CLASS SHSAT_Practice_Tests 19
TIME 10:40 -- 12:40
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
TEXTBOOKS Barron\'s SHSAT, 3rd Edition: NYC Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

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Subject SHSAT_Practice_Tests

The curriculum includes complete topics coverage as well as systematic SHSAT preparation. The primary goal of the course is to make sure that students have an academic knowledge of Math and ELA and the skills needed to succeed on the exam.

Students will both study the curriculum knowledge necessary to succeed on the exam but will also study and practice key test taking strategies that have been proven to increase children\'s scores. The course also provides (abbreviated) practice exams periodically (5 in total) in order to assess your child\'s performance and growth. The course also provides a brief introduction to the schools that are available to get into as well as educates students on how the SHSAT scoring works and personally customized ideas on what are the best ways to improve your overall score.

The course includes:

-Vital practice questions that cover all tested material
-Proven score-raising strategies with an emphasis on improving math and verbal skills
-25 important math subjects/concepts covered on the exam
-Practice Reading Comprehension passages (non-fiction, literary, and poetry).
-Full-length practice tests and the most up-to-date information about the test
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