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Welcome to SchoolPlus!

The goal of School-Plus is to provide K-12 students with an alternative, advanced, challenging perspective on familiar subjects. Our programs seek to supplement basic school curriculum and enhance students' performance in and out of the classroom by giving them the confidence and desire to explore academics beyond the classroom.

We work with children of all abilities and academic background, encouraging and supporting them to achieve their best. Class curriculums vary based on the needs, achievement and personality of children in each offered class. Teachers are given the flexibility to tune their instructions to every class.


The highest level of subject knowledge is a must requirement for our teachers. All our teachers hold Master's degrees in the disciplines they teach in addition to their deep understanding and experience of working with children.

Academic programs

Academic programs are continuously updated to include more classes, in-depth coverage of discipline, and adjustment to updated state testing requirements.

To support our students academically we offer the following courses:

Mathematics It is a core of our program. All children of any age and any knowledge level are welcome to our program and we assure that every student will show a progress.
What Does Math Enrichment Really Mean?
Starting math early
Math Online program
Participation in Math Olympiads Math Kangaroo Olympiad And MOEMS
English English classes are focused on reading comprehension and essay writing skills improvement.
What Does English Enrichment Really Mean?
Online study We also provide our students with a choice of learning environments, offering opportunities for online learning.
Test Preparation School-Plus offers a variety of test preparation programs. Different programs are offered at each location and they address needs of students within that district.
Russian language Russian language program is designed to preserve and develop heritage language.
Chess Chess is well known to build strategic thinking and intelligence.
Art of Debate The Art of Debate helps to develop skills of public speaking.
Art Art - is a necessary tool of children creative inner grows. SchoolPlus Art teacher Larisa Tsvetkova interview

Preparation for gifted and talented programs in public schools

School-Plus prepares students for gifted and talented programs acceptance exams in their public schools for different programms across NJ and NY.

Our History

School-Plus was founded in 1996 by Olga I. Fookson, Ph.D. It started with teaching high school students and quickly expanded to fill the demand to teach middle schoolers and then elementary and preschool children. Today, twenty years later, almost 40% of our school body are elementary and preschool students, 40% are middle school students, and only 20% are high schoolers. So, we are indeed "getting younger."

Our philosophy

We believe that preparing students for success in higher grades begins with motivation and early academic exposure what allows children to build academic stamina. Building robust foundation in Math and English is the key to academic accomplishment.
What is it - Enrichment English?
What is it - Enrichment Math?

Placement Process

In most cases, we try to avoid strenuous placement tests, especially for the younger children. Instead, we use current regular school enrollment information (classes and respective grades), as well as additional information provided by parents to determine initial student placement. Parents are also encouraged to attend the first lesson with their child. That way parents can observe not only their child’s performance but also understand the level of expectation and performance in the class. This way the teacher and parents are better-informed to make the final determination of student’s ability and ensure accurate placement within School-Plus program. On a rare occasion, when this determination is difficult to make after a single class (mostly for older students), additional testing might be required. All Advanced classes require testing.


- Most of School-Plus students are recommended for advanced class placements in both Mathematics and Language Arts when transitioning from Elementary to Middle school.

- When transitioning to High School, almost all of School-Plus students remain in advanced placement programs, which cover Mathematics, Language Arts, and Science.

- Large number of students complete college-level AP courses while in High School, which allows faster college graduation and acceptance into advanced degree programs.

- School-Plus students continuously placed at the top of National and International Competitions, such as MOEMS and Kangaroo Math Olympiad.

- Our students are scoring high on state tests

North Brunswick branch
Manhattan branch
Princeton branch
Bronx branch
Queens branch
Staten Island branch
Brooklyn, NY: Bensonhurst(Ave X and Stillwell Ave) branch


School-Plus has multiple locations in NY and NJ which offer short and convenient commute

While every location follows the same philosophy, each has flexibility on subjects they offer, and how each class is structured to best accommodate their students