Important announcements

TEACHER Zoya Koza.  
TIME 11:45-1:00
LOCATION Teaneck, NJ  
ROOM 304
PM 4B set Common Core
Brain Math v.1
Process skills 4
MOEM practice test materials
next spring:
Challenge 4
Subject Math
PROGRAM Fall 2019 Math D
This is a class for students who have thoroughly mastered addition/ subtraction of numbers to 1000 using vertical algorithm as well as using mental calculation strategies; have deep knowledge of place value; know multiplication table up to 12 and related division facts, can solve multi-step word problems and have developed clear understanding of equivalent fractions and geometry of angles and polygons. In addition, this class is for students who have developed visible thinking skills as well as process skills such as supposition, restate and replace methods and other strategies described in the Process Skills level 3, model and heuristic (experimental) approach to problem solving.
The goal of this class is: continuous implementation of strategies described above reaching the level 4 of the Singapore math system. Level 4 is compatible only with the grade 5 of common core as well as other higher-level mathematical thinking concepts.
Every month students will practice and take MOEM Olympiad test.
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