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CLASS Programming_And_Imagination Scratch ba
GRADE mixed
TEACHER Valeria Moumdjian  
TIME 13:00 - 14:00
ROOM Room #1
Subject Programming_And_Imagination
PROGRAM Scratch Basics An Introduction to Creative Computing. In this class we use real-world activities and interactive design to help the students develop computational thinking and creativity. Students plan and design interactive multimedia projects, in line with their own ideas and interests. Our students learn and actively use mathematics, including areas and concepts that are not usually covered in elementary school: geometry, logic, coordinates, negative numbers, decimals, random numbers and variables. Scratch is a programming (authoring) environment created by a team of psychologists, educators and programmers at MIT. It is easy to use and learn, and it allows to design simple animations to very complex projects such as computer games. Read more at Children bring their laptops to class. Their parents are encouraged to help them with set up, and are welcome to stay in class to observe and help.
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