Important announcements

CLASS Math 10-3
TIME 8:15 -- 9:15
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
ROOM 205
TEXTBOOKS Textbooks will be posted shortly
Subject Math
PROGRAM Spring 18

9th grade program includes such areas of mathematics as trigonometry functions and their graphs, equations, inequalities, Coordinate Geometry, Functions and Variations, Graphs, Area under Graph, Trigonometry, Sets, Transformations and Statistics.

This program is designed not only for students who have been learning Singapore Math and would like to maintain a high level math acquiring in the future, but also for those who need to improve their knowledge of mathematics to choose higher technical education in the future, or for passing various tests.

Our goal is to give students a complete picture of basic math concepts, to give an opportunity to practice obtained skills. Highly qualified teachers, high-quality selection of tasks allow students to reach their best potentials.
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