Important announcements

CLASS Math New 5B (4B
LOCATION North Brunswick, NJ  
ROOM 717
TEXTBOOKS Primary Mathematics Workbook 4A and Textbook 4A
Challenging Word Problems 4
Math Express 3
Math Manipulatives :1 set of tangrams and 1 set of miniature \"24 factor wheel\" cards
Subject Math
PROGRAM Math 4A and 4B

These classes are identical, that is they will follow the exact same program with the same homework each week.

Students will move further into the topic of fractions, including adding and subtracting of mixed numbers, and with different denominators. Fraction multiplication will be introduced. There will be many word problems requiring understanding of these fraction concepts. Long division and multiplication will now include 3 and 4 digit numbers. Second semester will see the introduction of decimals and how they relate to fractions. And geometry will be developed further, with more complex problems on area and perimeter, and now volume of cubes and cuboids. Along with the heavy arithmetic program, students will study exciting topics to prepare them for Math Olympiads, which they’ll start taking this year for the first time. Topics like set theory, probability, logic, and combinatorics will be taught – yes, young kids can do these things, if taught at an age-appropriate level.

Students should have a strong mastery of arithmetic through 3rd grade to succeed in this class.
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