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CLASS Science 3
TEACHER Valentina Bardakov  
TIME 9:50 - 10:35
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
ROOM 303
TEXTBOOKS Teacher\'s handouts, Internet Resources, Experiments, Field Trips, and Projects.
Alexandra M.
Alexandre R.
Anna G.
Emma R.
Maria M.
Max K.
Miranda R.
Pearl D.
Vladimir M.
Subject Science
PROGRAM Spring\'20

This science course is designed to encourage studentsí natural curiosity, foster their critical thinking skills, and inspire investigation. Students will be introduced to the nature of science. The course includes an introduction to the physics, astronomy and earth science. Students will be encouraged to explore the
relationship between science and everyday life.

Course Content:

Rocks and Minerals
Our Solar System

The course will have exciting hands-on activities, experiments, and field trip. With the support of
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill resources; Interactive Textbook, Reading and Writing in Science, and Activity
Lab Book students will develop content and conceptual knowledge across a number of scientific topics.
Students will have great opportunity to participate in the United States Crystal Growing Competition.
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