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CLASS Programming_And_Imagination HTML
TEACHER Sergey Binder  
TIME 11:30 - 12:15
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
ROOM 4th floor
TEXTBOOKS Teacher\'s handouts and projects
Subject Programming_And_Imagination

Each student in this class uses​ ​registered personally for him/her sub-domain and FTP account.​ ​Each student creates and deploys on the server the web pages that are accessible from over the world.

- ​ ​Internet. Network and protocols.

- Introduction to HTML

- Using subdomain and online FTP client

- HTML tags. HTML page structure

- Text, lists, images on the page.

- Tables. Formatting Tables.

- Forms.

- Iframes

- tag

- CSS. CSS Rules

- Using CSS files. Classes.

- Decoration with CSS. Shadow, Radius

- Color. Website palette

- Text formatting

- Boxes

- Layout

- CSS menu and submenu

- Transform and transition

- Embedded video

- Audio

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