Important announcements

CLASS Russian_Drama New
TEACHER Antonina Lifshits  
TIME 12:45 -- 1:45
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
ROOM 205
TEXTBOOKS The play for production will be announced shortly. The class will start on January 11th.
Anna B.
Josefina G.
Marc R.
Max B.
Subject Russian_Drama
PROGRAM Spring\'20

Our Russian Drama class is on of the SchoolPlus\'s most exciting and well-nurtured projects. It gives children an opportunity to play, to perform, to learn some classical Russian texts by heart and to practice in spoken Russian.

It is also a big art project, where all children participate in designing costumes, backdrops and other pieces of theatrical scenery.

The teachers come up with some ideas but it is the children who decide in the end which of the suggested ideas they would like to implement. While learning to work together children get to know each other better than in many other classes, and they are always proud to be a part of this team and to be on stage together. Although the work can sometimes be tedious, the result is always original and remarkable, and it is one of the things we hope they will remember as a part of their Russian educational experience.
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