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CLASS English CD
GRADE 7/8th gr
TIME 12:30-2:00
LOCATION Teaneck, NJ  
ROOM 305
Subject English
PROGRAM Course: English 7/6 Fall 2012
Objective: To prepare each student for honors and advanced placement level English courses. Additionally, the course is designed to facilitate each student’s understanding of writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking, which will offer each student an opportunity to eventually prepare for the college experience. Since these skills are required for individuals to excel in any career, instruction is differentiated to ensure each student is challenged and students will gain important insight into the need to utilize these skills beyond high school, the SAT, and their college experience.
The following materials will be utilized (list may expand based on each student’s ability):
• The Technologists by Matthew Pearl
• Animal Farm by George Orwell
• Tangerine by Edward Bloor
• To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
• The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
• Mark Twain’s Own Autobiography by Mark Twain (excerpts only)
Course addressed Common Core Standards:

English 5 and 6
This course is focused on strengthening each student’s reading comprehension skills, writing skills, and critical thinking skills within a differentiated setting that will challenge each student and prepare each student for middle school. Students who have previously participated in School Plus English classes will review material, but will quickly build upon what each has mastered. New students will be fine, for Mr. Lancaster will ensure each student understands the material. Novels will be utilized to encourage each student to read. Since reading is an essential tool in improving writing skills, all students will be expected to complete the reading assignments in preparation for each lesson. Students will begin with a review of a basic sentence and progress through grammar and writing lessons designed to prepare each student for middle school language arts courses. Students will also receive instruction designed to increase NJASK and other standardized test scores. Weekly assignments will be posted on the School Plus website.
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