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CLASS Russian_as_Second_Language 3
GRADE 3 -- 5
TIME 12:20-- 1:05
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
TEXTBOOKS Text: А.А.Бондаренко, И.В. Гуркова \"Здравствуй, русский язык\"
Subject Russian_as_Second_Language


This course is designed for the 3rd -4th grade students who continue to study Russian as a foreign language. The learners in this class are not required to be fluent in speaking, reading or writing, but they would be expected to understand simple sentences, questions, and directions in Russian and to have basic reading and writing skills using Cyrillic alphabet.


The main goals of this course are to extend the active vocabulary, to increase fluency in oral and written communication, and to develop skills necessary for independent reading of simple texts.

Content of studies:

The units are based on the principle of going from more simple to more complex structures. Along with introducing new material, every unit actively recycles and reviews lexical and grammatical material from the previous units. The themes of this year will be based on such aspects of the everyday life as school, home, family, friends, classes, books, shopping, and food. The main grammatical structures that we will cover this year are: cases of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, as well as different types of verbs in past, present, and future tenses.
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