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 I enrolled my two boys in SchoolPlus Queens last year. They attended several classes including Math, Chess, Russian Language. I was quiet impressed with school on many levels. SchoolPlus is well organized, take individual approach, accommodative in schedule, careful in choice of teachers. Classes have small number of kids. It feels like almost private tutoring. Teachers are very attentive and adoptive to individual abilities of kids. Teachers are always looking for feedback, taking time to talk to parents. I also found that program is very competitive and advanced. Learning materials are up to date and progressive. My kids enjoyed coming, even though it was on Sundays. They learned great number of new skills, made new friends. I think SchoolPlus is an excellent addition to any school you kid goes to. 
- Marina Doulova, child psychiatrist, mother of two children

School Plus has far exceeded my expectations. My son loves every one of his classes. The teachers are top-notch and make learning enjoyable and interesting. It's like getting a private school education.
- Mom of SchoolPlus student

My third grader truly enjoyed the Art class with Olga Rogachevskaya. He was taught different painting and drawing techniques and enjoyed learning about dimensions and shadows and the like. This class was also a great introduction to art appreciation and interpretation. Olga was able to maintain my son's interest even when they were discussing art, not making it.
- Mom of Art student, Erin D'Angelo