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Mark Twain Entrance Exam Prep: Computer/Math and Science


Mark Twain for the Gifted & Talented (I.S. 239) and Bay Academy for the Arts & Sciences (I. S. 98) are prestigious intermediate schools located in Brooklyn. The admission into the schools requires students to choose up to two talents that they are the best in and take the exams on one day. The entrance exams are extremely competitive and take place from January to February.




The exam consists of fifty multiple choice questions that features a math and a computer/internet component.


Thirty questions consist of complex multi-step mathematical problem solving, puzzle and logic questions, and pattern recognition. A thorough knowledge of K–5 math is assumed but questions go well beyond Common Core standards.


Twenty questions ask applicants to demonstrate knowledge of basic computer skills and vocabulary, Internet fluency, and familiarity with current technology issues. Applicant must demonstrate reading comprehension of a technical document. Additionally, there are some questions that analyze “potential” programming ability featuring logical, sequential and iterative thinking.


SCIENCE Overview


Applicants will be given a multiple choice test dealing with science concepts and facts covered in grades 4 and 5 in biology, earth science, physics and chemistry. 


Topics in the questions include: scientific method, experimentation, analysis and graph interpretation, problem solving, developing scientific hypotheses and logical thinking. Usually science test consists of 100 multiple choice questions.


SchoolPlus offers full comprehensive preparation program for the Mark Twain computer/math and science exams.


Our Mark Twain Prep program includes:


(a) Math/Computer and Science classes once or twice a week

(b) Weekly Full Practice Test Sessions


During the Math/Computer and Science classes children learn the thorough and rigorous curriculum of Mathematics/Computers or/and Science depending on their talent choice.

In addition to subject-specific classes (Mark Twain Math/Computer and Mark Twain Science), SchoolPlus offers a unique opportunity to practice weekly full proctored exams for Computer/Math and Science talents in the format true to the actual test. Practicing the full tests under test-like conditions is an extremely important component of the Mark Twain exam prep. Such test-taking practice allows to find the gaps in knowledge and to develop the time-management skills. With thousands of students applying to Mark Twain and Bay Academy intermediate schools annually, and only about 10% being offered seats, more and more students are looking to increase their chances of getting into these schools.



SchoolPlus is the one of the first programs to offer Mark Twain Full Practice Test sessions as a separate course. Our students have consistently achieved impressive results. Over the years, at least 70% of SchoolPlus students who took Mark Twain testing course have successfully passed the exams.



SchoolPlus offers proprietary materials that are based on years of experience and feedback from parents, students, and educators. We stay current with the latest testing changes and demands, and ensure that they are incorporated into our tests. As experts in the field, SchoolPlus goes above and beyond the test requirements by making sure our students truly understand the advanced material. As a result, the majority of our students are confident during the tests and perform extremely well.


While we run group classes, our step-by-step approach allows us to develop an individualized test-taking plan based on each student's needs. Over the duration of the course we get to know our students, understand their strong and weak areas, and each student's learning style. Even though SchoolPlus is unable to share its proprietary sample tests outside the classroom, we do provide each child with a detailed report indicating their strengths and weaknesses or any gaps on each topic.



During our weekly three-hour practice test sessions students take a full practice test similar to the real test they will take in January-February. The practice tests run 90 minutes and contain the 30 Math and 20 Computer questions for Computer/Math talent area and 100 questions for Science talent. The remaining time is dedicated to working through errors and developing test-taking strategies. Once completed, questions and answers are reviewed immediately after each test. Students receive an individualized detailed score report. Over the duration of the course we track our students' progress.


SchoolPlus administer Mark Twain prep classes from September until the end of January in Brooklyn and Staten Island locations. Weekly Practice Test sessions start in November when students become familiar with the advanced material. The Practice Test sessions run until the end of January.



Please register online to ensure that your child gets a spot. The registration is free. We always do our best to match parents' scheduling preferences.

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Please make sure to choose a location most convenient for you and then select “Mark Twain Practice Tests”.


Please feel free to contact Irina Goldman at 718-524-4443 or email to with any questions.


SchoolPlus would be honored and delighted to become the stepping stone that will shape your child's middle school experience!