Important announcements

Welcome to SchoolPlus Mathematics Program

We offer classes for children of different ages and different math levels. What unites all the teachers and all the programs is that we teach children to think. We develop their mathematical abilities and build their math knowledge in such a way that children are able to connect different mathematical concepts and subjects and see them as one beautiful, logical and clear world of mathematics. Our goal is to teach children to love problem solving for life.

We invite every prospective student to come to SchoolPlus as a guest, visit our math classes and find the right class. Since children come to SchoolPlus from different schools, the class placement depends more on students' actual math knowledge than on their grade level.

For those who cannot join our regular classes, we offer Math Distance Learning Program.

Studying in our math classes is a commitment. Children need to come to every lesson and do homework that generally takes 2-3 hours per week. Many children attend our school for years.

The main goal of our classes for Middle School grades is to make sure that children have a systematic knowledge of Arithmetic and of the basics of Algebra and Geometry and that they can use it effectively in different situations, starting with taking multiple-choice tests, where everything should be done quickly, and ending with solving complicated problems from Math Olympiads, that require a non-routine approach and creative thinking.

SchoolPlus SAT preparation classes differ from other SAT preparation programs. Students not only master test-taking techniques, but also just study Mathematics as a subject. Without good understanding of math concepts and how they are interconnected, improvement of the score beyond the certain point becomes impossible. In our opinion, the serious and systematic studying of Mathematics is the only way to achieve a high score. We offer SAT II preparation courses.

We also offer math classes for highly motivated High School students. These classes are personalized depending on students' goals: curriculum may include preparation for more advanced tests ( for example Advanced Placement Calculus, both at the AB and BC( honors) levels, both are for college credit) and specific math competitions, studying topics beyond school program, etc.

In our Summer Camp, the math lessons are the vital part of the program. Children have math lessons 4 out of 5 days a week.