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Registration for our Princeton Adventure Orienteering Summer Camp is now open.
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Summer Camp 2018, North Brunswick. Registration is started!

Summer Camp 2018, North Brunswick
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MOEMS - American Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

During this school year 2016-2017 as in many previous years SchoolPlus will be participating in the MOEMS. Participating in Math Olympiads is an integral part of the SchoolPlus Mathematics Program. Of course, it is a competition, and some kids will be winners and some will not. But we strongly believe that every kid will benefit by being exposed to these clever and challenging problems.

The highlights for students are the five monthly contests, given from November to March. There are two grade appropriate divisions (Elementary school 4-6 and Middle school 6-8).
Each contest consists of five non-routine problems with a time limit of 30 minutes for the entire contest. A student scores 1 point for each correct answer. Thus, a student may score up to 25 points during the year. After each contest, results are submitted to MOEMS for score keeping. The Olympiad Committee collects the results and keeps a cumulative score for each participant.
We encourage every one student to take part in Olympiad considering concepts offered students might not otherwise encounter. There is no easy road to becoming a capable problem solver. The more time and effort invested, the more one is likely to learn.
This should be viewed as a challenge and an opportunity to grow. Learning how to solve a problem and to understand its underlying mathematical concepts are the most important goals of mathematics education.

The first contest will be held on weekend Nov 21-22d in math classes. If your child is not a student of math class or even not a student of SchoolPLus he/she is welcome to participate: just e-mail us back with your child name and grade level and we will send you back all needed info.
Dates for MOEMS 2016_2017
Nov 19th -20th
Dec 17th-18th
Jan 14th-15th
Feb 18th-19th
March 11th-12th