Important announcements

Ricardo Bustamante
Manhattan, NY; Music, 1-2, 3-5, k-1

SchoolPlus of Manhattan
Choral Music Education Program
Mr. Ricardo Bustamante

Mission Statement

As a teaching artist specialized in working with young voices, my greatest satisfaction comes when my students proudly showcase in concert what they've learned in rehearsals. I believe every child must have the opportunity to explore and expand his or her talents by participating in musical activities that enhance their learning process, and contribute to the development of an integrated human being; singing in a choir is one the most advantageous of such activities.

I like to dedicate time in my classes to explore the physiological aspects of making music, through fun and engaging exercises designed to improve breathing capacity, body-mind coordination and vocal capabilities, necessary to excel in the performing of a demanding but enjoyable repertory.

My goal at SchoolPlus of Manhattan is to create two vocal ensembles according to age and grade: The Little Singers for grades K to 2nd and the Children Choir for grades 3rd and up. Each group/class will meet once a week for a 45 minutes rehearsal to learn, practice and prepare for performance a repertory of 8 to 10 songs suited to their vocal development and musicianship, in concert to be presented at the end of each semester. The musical selection includes children songs, canons, and call and response songs, as well as vocal works from famous composers from different historic periods, which gives us the opportunity to sing in different languages like French, Spanish, Russian, Latin and others.

I created my first Children Choir in 1985 when I began my specialization studies in Choral Conducting in the Simon Bolivar Conservatory. I was later appointed conductor of the J. M. Vargas Youth Symphony Orchestra and principal of the Pablo Castellanos School, and after my graduation in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music/Choral Conducting from the Venezuelan Institute of Musical Studies IUDEM, I was appointed Executive Director and Conductor of the Miranda Youth Symphony Orchestra.

After moving to New York in 2001 I have been working as music minister, organist and cantor for Saint Simon Stock Church in The Bronx since 2002, and music teacher and choir director of several catholic grade schools in the city. My last engagement was at Visitation School in the Bronx and I will be teaching at Immaculate Conception School in New York City in the fall.

I recently graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University School of General Studies with a Bachelor's Degree in Music, focused on historical musicology and I am very exited to embark in this new musical adventure with the children of School Plus of Manhattan, and share my knowledge and passion for classical music with the community at large.