Important announcements

We came to School-Plus in 2013 when my oldest son was 9y.o. and now my youngest, who is 5 y.o. now, proudly joined classes there! As a parent, I would love to give my kids a chance to have an opportunity to accelerate their learning, get a deeper knowledge of subjects and build a complex and efficient problem-solving skills. And School-Plus is covering all those and even beyond! Small class sizes are making possible for teachers spend more time with individual kids. Kids know that they will get help if they needed. Robert took English classes before and improved his writing tremendously. And he says himself that School-Plus Math program is helping him a lot to feel confident in his regular school math class. My boys feel proud of their academic achievements and that is the key to success in general, I deeply believe. And most of the credits for that I give to School-Plus. They have well-balanced Math program, which covers all topics kids are learning in public schools, what helps with grades, but the same time they work beyond the standard minimum and giving chance to learn different approaches. We came through a friend referral. Teachers are amazing not just because of their professional level but for their dedication to kids in their classes I see. My kids feel very comfortable there and highly respect their teachers! A.S.